For over 40 years, JUA has been providing a specialist service to the Australian insurance broking industry.

Corporate Chronology

Formed in 1979 by bringing together a group of existing binding agreements, JUA pioneered the concept of a ‘last resort’ facility. A relationship with Lloyd’s was strengthened at that time and is still retained today.

Many specialist agencies have since ceased to operate, but JUA is one of the few remaining agencies from the early 1980’s. It has been able to maintain the right support base and hold to sound underwriting practice.

In 2000, JUA changed ownership through a management buy-out, bringing an added dimension to its independence in the market place.

Market Leader & Innovator

Throughout its history, JUA has been reactive in responding to the needs of the insurance market. It has pioneered coverage for “new” insurance risks such as waterslides, go-karting and other previously uninsurable risks and activities.

Local & International Relationships

JUA prides itself on its local and international relationships. In particular, close links with Lloyd’s of London have always been paramount to the success of JUA.

Looking Forward

With an established history, in substance and performance, and extensive experience in the market through senior management of long standing, JUA is well positioned for the future.