We are proud of our place in the industry as the hard-to-place underwriting agency preferred by Brokers and their Clients alike.

Expertise, Service & Security

Fully authorised underwriter security stands behind all of our products. Our standard limits of indemnity can be increased for individual risks. JUA’s clear advantage comes from a unique combination of expertise, service and security.

Hard-to-Place Underwriting Specialists

We are always keen to find solutions for unusual or specialised covers. If product needs are outside the standard range of covers, we are able to source alternatives using international markets. JUA’s team of professional underwriters treat all enquiries on a confidential basis, and they ensure that the best possible solutions are found for hard-to-place risks.

Financial Background

JUA Underwriting is owned by its Board of Directors. It has a sound balance sheet and a proven track record of profitability. The company is one of the most highly respected Underwriting Agencies in Australia.